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10th National Transplant Games. Date: 24th December, 2017.
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Contact: Rajani Dhuwad - 9819158138 / 9769570556 / 9870899486

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Beneficiaries of Financial Help
This year the Foundation has given Financial Support to the deserving patients for kidney transplant and post transplant medications.

We thank you for your generous donation towards helping needy patients of this year.
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Transplant Operation Back
  First Month
You are out of the hospital. Pay attention to your symptoms & inform your doctor as soon as possible (A.S.A.P).
Medications: You will probably be taking more medications than ever before. Organize your medications. (Creating this habit will help for rest of your life)
Exercise: Start walking as soon as you can. Avoid exercises that involves your abdominal muscles. Do not lift More than 25 Kg. for about 2 months.
Diet: Food had never tested so good when you were on dialysis. Food freedom will be a welcome change. Moreover with steroids you feel more hungry. Soon you may find that you are gaining weight at an alarming rate. Remember, it is usually easier not to put on weight in the first place than it is to take it off. Talk to the dietitian and plan your diet.
Activities: You can resume household chores as long as it does not strain abdominal muscles.
Emotions: Mood swings are common. You may feel up one minute and down the next. Maintain a positive, open attitude.
  2 to 6 Month
You will feel much better. If you have diabetes and/or high B.P. you must control.
Medicines: The doctors have adjusted your medicines and now it is easier to manage.
Exercise: Now is the time to get tough and exercise.
Keep up all the healthy routines regarding diet
You should be able to resume work.
Do not worry if you have to go to the hospital for treatment of infection or rejection. These episodes are easily controlled and halted when diagnosed early. Learn the signs and symptoms of infection / rejection. It will help you save your kidney and your life.
  6 Months Onwards
This is the maintenance period. It goes on for the rest of your life.
You feel almost normal.
Medicines gradually reduce.
Exercise regularly and maintain diet as advised.
Get your routine health check-ups regularly as scheduled by your doctor. You can still develop rejection. Regular check is the only way to pick up rejection early.
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